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Tim Powell is an Australian drummer and audio engineer...

In November 1994 Tim Powell co-engineered with Robert Parde the album Bloodfire by Yiante at Karmic Hit Studio Drummoyne, the album was produced by Ian Sandercoe and Rob Parde and engineered by Tim Powell.

Members of Yiante include: Ian Sandercoe with Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthew, Craig Lancaster, Tony Heaney and Paul Elliot. David Carter replaced Bobby Sox, Craig Lancaster left Yiante replaced by Newcastle drummer Chris Lowe. Paul Elliot was replaced by Ngariki, Tony Heaney was replaced by Josh Callaway and Steve 'Mac' Mclennan played drums in Yiante in August 1997.

Tim Powell has worked on numerous recordings including:

Falling Swinger in 1994 was produced by Steve Kilbey, recorded at Karmic Hit Studios, Sydney, recording engineering by Simon Polinski, mixed by Simon Polinski and Steve Kilbey. With Steve Kilbey, Shane O'Mara, Grant McLennan, Bill McDonald, Tim Powell, Rebecca Barnard, Chris Abrahams, Russell Kilbey and Boris Goudenov.

Escapist in 1996 was produced by Steve Kilbey, recorded at Karmic Hit, Sydney, engineered by Simon Polinski. With Steve Kilbey, Robert Goodge, Chris Abrahams, Tim Powell, Marty Wilson Piper, Peter Koppes, Bill McDonald, Michael Sheridan and John Murphy.

Stephen Cummings in 1997, Puppet Pauper Pirate Poet Pawn and King with Shane O'Mara, Robert Goodge, Bill McDonald, Rebecca Barnard, Steve Kilbey, Chris Abrahams, Andrew Pendlebury, Peter Luscombe, Simon Polinski, Tim Powell, Renee Geyer and Nick Smith.

Australian band The Church along with Art of Fighting performed at The Civic Theatre, Newcastle in May 2002.With members: Steve Kilby: vocals and guitar, Tim Powell: drums, Marty Wilson Guitar and vocals and Peter Coppis: guitar.